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July 3rd, 2015 | by Mel-Lynda Andersen | in |    0   

Greetings all!

Just a quick post to make this exciting announcement (drum roll please!).....



Alicia Emery, All Things Organic's General Operations Manager, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Lillian Marjorie made her appearance recently, and the ATO family couldn’t be happier!

For the past few weeks, and during the next month to six weeks, Alicia will be off on a very abbreviated maternity leave. We are working very hard in her absence to fill her extremely capable shoes. Now more than ever we realize just how much Alicia does in service to All Things Organic and our valued customers and green gardening community. Not only does she manage the day-to-day operations at ATO, Alicia also collects organic green waste from Nature’s Fare and from local households that donate fruit and veggie waste to help feed our hungry worm community. She regularly checks and feeds the worms, fills customer orders, answers questions, and keeps our product inventories all up to date. She also contributes thoughtful posts to our social media pages and has worked really hard to help launch our new website. We are so lucky to have Alicia on our team!


While Alicia and baby Lily are off getting to know one another, the ATO team is working hard to fill her shoes. It hasn’t been easy! If you call us and get our voice mail, or send us an email and don’t receive an immediate response, please accept our sincere apologies, and know that we will get back to you within a day or so.

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the newest member of the ATO team – Liam Emery – Alicia’s brother. Liam is helping us with our compost pickup program, and is busy checking and feeding worms, preparing orders for our customers, and doing whatever is required at the moment. If you call and a young man with a deep voice answers, that’s Liam! This is his first job, and he is learning all about this incredibly interesting business. Liam grew up in a composting family so even though he is young, he knows an awful lot about worm composting and composting in general.

It’s been a few months since we launched our new website and we are eager to know what you think! Please take a few minutes to check out our website and share your thoughts. What do you think? A big shout out to Willy Grieve and the team at Cityline Websites – thanks for doing such a great job on our website!

Isn’t it nice that spring has finally arrived? New babies are being born, new plants are sprouting up in gardens everywhere, and the days are longer. As you get your garden started for another season, don’t forget to feed your soil. ATO’s Super Soil is Nature’s best fertilizer and soil supplement. The worm castings that we produce at All Things Organic are the end result of the full food spectrum. Contact us today to arrange for pickup of your fresh worm castings from our Langley and Kamloops worm farms!

Happy Gardening and Welcome to the World Baby Lillian!


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