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All Things Organic

worm composting Education

Please note that All Things Organic is a small business located in Langley, B.C. and services are limited to but do not completely exclude out of town workshop deliveries. If you are not located within the Lower Mainland but are really interested in our services, give us a call and we will try our best to accomodate you and your needs!

Thank you for your understanding. 

Composting Workshops

Let All Things Organic show you how easy it is to compost with worms. Our workshops are designed to help you start and maintain a happy, healthy worm bin. We offer one-hour worm composting workshops and Q&A sessions for adults and families who are part of municipal or group worm composting initiatives. In these informative sessions we'll show you how to set up your bin, we discuss how and what to feed your worms, how often you can feed them, how and when to harvest your worm castings, and much more. Our presentations provide an engaging combination of multi-media and hands-on learning and we follow up our workshops with toll-free customer support.

Still want more details or would like to speak to someone directly regarding our workshop services? Submit an inquiry here, or give us a call toll free at 1-877-372-1835. 

Calling All Teachers!

Introducing the Ideal Science/Environmental Project

A fully functioning, properly equipped vermicomposting bin makes an excellent classroom science or environmental project. You can teach your students that worms, like other animals, need a comfortable place to live and food to nourish them; in return they’ll produce organic fertilizer and concentrated liquid plant food. All Things Organic has the ideal classroom bin and all the worms and bedding your class needs to get started. We will also deliver a science-based curriculum that will engage your students.

Kid-Friendly Composting

The simple, easy design of ATO's classroom bins and the kid-friendly, low maintenance ease of having a worm bin in the classroom makes worm composting an excellent hands-on way for kids – and their teachers – to learn about recycling, composting, waste reduction, and about science and micro and macro-environmental health. Depending on your students' grade level, All Things Organic has teaching and learning resources available to supplement the learning process.

ATO in the Classroom

All Things Organic offers a special promotion to teachers and other educators, to support you in getting started with worm composting in your classroom and school. Teachers and schools receive the same discounts we offer to municipalities, corporations and other groups looking to compost on a larger scale. In addition, if we are in the vicinity of your school, we can deliver your new worm bin and worms directly to your classroom, and we’ll help you and your students set up the system. We will also provide an educational workshop to your students about the science, nature and waste diversion qualities of worm composting. You and your students will learn first-hand how to set up the bin, how much and how often to feed your worms, and why worm composting is an integral part of the soil food web. All Things Organic has developed a science-based workshop that fulfills the curriculum requirements for primary and intermediate elementary students; we can also adapt a more complex scientific presentation to meet the needs of high school students. Contact us  to learn more about our exciting educational composting program. We will be happy to provide you with pricing and discounts for our workshop, bins and worms.

Harvesting Your Super Soil

When four to six months of composting time has elapsed, you and your students can begin harvesting the rich finished soil in the bottom tray of your classroom worm compost bin. The specialized design of ATO's classroom bin eliminates the mess and fuss of having to separate worms and active compost from finished castings. Simply lift and set aside the upper trays, which will be filled with worms, babies, other composting organisms, and active food. The nutrient-rich worm castings can be added to the soil of your classroom’s and school’s indoor plants or outdoor gardens. Your students can even package the harvested worm castings and sell it as an additional fund-raising project.

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