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All Things Organic

About All Things Organic

Worm Composting

It all started with a worm. The rest is rich composting history.

logo_green_small.jpgSince opening our doors more than two decades ago, All Things Organic has been dedicated to promoting composting as a means of reducing our impact on the planet.

In 1989, Mel Andersen came up with an idea that was decades ahead of its time – a business that would help people produce less waste while improving soil quality and productivity. His light bulb moment occurred when his gardening and horticultural experience led him to worm castings as the best source of soil nutrition. He began raising worms and eventually launched All Things, selling worms and customized worm composting systems that he designed and built himself to customers all over North America. His wife Karen became his business partner, and together they built a business dedicated to educating and serving their customers, sharing their growing knowledge about worm composting.

Over the years, Mel and Karen have adapted All Things Organic to new and emerging technology. Product lines have changed, especially during the past decade when new and improved worm bin systems arrived on the market. Featuring trays that separate finished castings from worms and active compost, the new tray-style worm bins replaced the tote-style “dump and sort” bins that appealed to only the most avid of gardeners. Compact and unobtrusive, modern vermi-composting systems are now showing up in more households than ever before, especially as more municipalities are requiring households and businesses to separate compostable waste from garbage.

Embracing Change

All Things Organic has experienced even more change of late, as one generation changed hands to the next. In 2010, Mel’s daughter Mel-Lynda approached Mel and Karen about becoming more involved and eventually taking over the family business. Three years later, All Things Organic completed its move from the BC Interior city of Kamloops to Langley, the heart of BC’s Lower Mainland.

Mel-Lynda's husband and business partner John, although limited in his time to work with All Things Organic during office hours, works consistently to monitor forums and trends in the composting and gardening world, and can also be found coordinating bulk soil pick-ups and deliveries on the weekends.

All Things Organic remains dedicated to serving you well, sharing our knowledge, changing the way you garden and in turn, transforming the way the world manages waste.

Thanks to the vision and hard work of pioneering companies like All Things Organic, worm composting is easier and more hassle-free than ever before. There is no better time than now to embrace the age-old idea of using worms to eat your garbage. The soil food web is getting stronger every day, thanks to each of our customers over the years - people just like you.

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