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ATO Super Soil

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ATO Super Soil

$4.00 each


Worm castings improve soil health and fertility, and ATO worm castings are the best of the best! Sorry, no shipping options are available for this product.

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***Please note, due to high shipping charges, we are unable to ship ATO Worm Castings. Local pick up options are happily provided and local delivery can be arranged for large orders. Thank you for your understanding.***

Feed Your Soil Nature's Best

Worm castings improve soil health and fertility, and ATO worm castings are the best of the best! The end product of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients, ATO Super Soil adds life to your soil. Each tiny grain is enriched with humic acid, which acts as a natural soil glue that binds to plant roots and helps prevent soil erosion while delivering minerals and nutrients to your plants.

Worm castings also retain water - that's a big deal, especially if your community is facing watering restrictions. Plants raised in soil enriched with ATO Super Soil Supplement are healthier, more drought-resistant, and more productive than plants raised in soil supplemented with chemical fertilizers. Top dress your gardens in the spring, summer and fall for best results.

ATO Super Soil Supplement is available in many different sizes and volumes.

We also offer screened and unscreened bulk castings in small and large volumes. Contact us to find out about our discount volumes and pick up and delivery options!

Worm Castings vs. Topsoil:

5 times more nitrate

7 times more phosphorous

3 times more exchangeable magnesium

11 times more potash

1.5 times more calcium

Suggested Soil Mixing Ratios:


Top dress your gardens with a 1" layer of in spring, early summer and fall.

Potted Plants, Seeds, Seed Flats:

1 part ATO Super Soil Supplement to 3 parts potting soil mix

Potted Plants, Window Boxes or Hanging Baskets (Established):

Sprinkle ATO Super Soil Supplement over soil, and mix in carefully to protect shallow roots. Water well. Repeat every 2-4 months.

Roses, Trees, Bushes and Berries (New or freshly planted):

Mix 1 part ATO Super Soil Supplement to 3 parts soil. When planting, add several handfuls to newly dug hole with mixture. Spread root over a mound of worm castings and cover with worm castings, and top with soil.


Work 120 ml (1/2 cup) into soil above the root zone, taking care not to damage shallow roots. 

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