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ATO Three Tray Worm Tower With Worms

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ATO Three Tray Worm Tower With Worms

$ 111.97SALE PRICE


The most affordable worm bin! The ATO Worm Tower is a great worm composting system for anyone who is new to composting and learning about worms.

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Thank you so much for your patience, it was a brutal winter this year. If you would like to place an order directly, please contact us by email at or by telephone at 1-877-372-1835, otherwise don't hesitate to place an order through our website through any of the items with worms on our Composting Products Page.

The ATO Worm Tower is our most affordable worm bin, and is a great worm composting system for anyone who is new to composting and organic gardening.

Featuring a domed lid and handle, the ATO Worm Tower fits anywhere in your home, allowing for year-round composting and a steady supply of nutrient-rich worm castings. This compact system is designed to allow worms to move upward from tray to tray. As they migrate upwards to consume your food waste they leave their castings behind in the lower trays - No sorting or harvesting required!

Whether you choose a three-tray, four-tray or five-tray system, you can purchase additional trays to fit the size of your household and amount of food waste you generate. Your worm community will expand to the size of your system.

At All Things Organic, our worms live and grow in special worm beds. When you place an order for worms, we then remove the worms and hand-pick each order, weighing the amount so that you get the full amount of worms that you have ordered. Because of that we need 24 hours' notice prior to your local pick-up of any order that includes worms. By giving us this time to prepare your order, you will be getting the freshest, healthiest worms possible.

ATO Worm Tower Includes:

3 Stacking Trays

Collection Base

Ventilated Dome Lid

Coir Brick

Worm Bedding

Accessory Kit

Collector tray

Spigot for easy draining

(Some Assembly Required)

In-Box Dimensions:


Shipping Weight:

13 lbs.

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