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Contech Fruit Fly Trap

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Contech Fruit Fly Trap

$4.99 each


Eliminate fruit fly infestations quickly and easily.

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Eliminate fruit fly infestations quickly and easily!
The Contech Fruit Fly Trap uses a natural, pesticide-free attractant to catch three times more than other traps.
Effective alternative to harmful chemicals and sprays
Easy to use and reuse
Safe to use around children, pets, and in food preparation areas
Single or twin-pack versions
Reusable and recyclable - refills available separately

Easy & Effective

Using the Contech Fruit Fly Trap is easy. Simply place a dampened non-toxic lure and sticky pad inside the reusable plastic trap, and position it anywhere fruit flies are a problem. The trap’s patented lure entices fruit flies into the trap where they get caught on the disposable sticky pad. An attractive translucent cover conceals dead flies from view. When the pad is full, simply throw it away and replace it with a new one.

The Fruit Fly Trap uses a highly effective, yet safe and non-toxic attractant developed by Pherotech International - an industry leader in the development and commercialization of non-toxic insect trapping technology.

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