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Metro Grower Basic System--Two Pack

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Metro Grower Basic System--Two Pack

$65.95 each


OUT OF STOCK! :( The Metro Grower creates the ability to grow your own food in small urban spaces and gives the best environment for your plants to be watered as nature intended.

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  • Product Description
  • Technical Specifications

The Metro Grower is a self‐watering growing system. It can be used anywhere, anytime – a patio, balcony, backyard, or even inside during the cold months. The Metro Grower's sub‐irrigation design waters plants from the bottom up. The Metro Grower is a complete kit, including the container, soil separator, watering tray, an instruction booklet, and seed starter trays.

The Metro Grower makes growing vegetables at home easier. Take the hassle out of over or under watering your plants with the visible water reservoir. Grow delicious herbs, vegetables and even fruit in this compact, portable, self watering container. The Metro Grower uses capillary action to draw water up through soil. As the water is drawn upwards into the root systems, it delivers essential nutrients to plants.

To encourage strong, healthy roots the Metro Grower utilizes air pruning. Exposing the root tips to the airspace underneath the soil separator slows downward growth and stimulates further growth of secondary roots that branch out within the growing medium.


Metro Grower - Basic System is equipped with: 

Comprehensive instruction booklet

Two Growing container

Two Soil separators

Visible water trays

Two Sets of seed trays

Seed starting soil

Technical Specs

Each Growing Container Size: 16"x16"x9"

Growing Container Volumes: 6 gallons

Saucer Size: 20"x20"x2"

Saucer Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.5 gallons

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