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All Things Organic


Please let people who visit our site know about the experiences you've had with All Things Organic! We love to share with other fellow composters and gardeners!

The castings worked great the garden is thriving!!! We will definately reccommend you to anyone with a garden!!

- Holly Lawrence

I have never been disappointed with the quality or consistency of my garden's productivity, and have seen less pests in my garden since starting fresh with ATO worm castings and top soil. It seems like the more you use worm castings as a seasonal soil supplement, the better and longer your plants thrive!

- Alicia, Composting and Green Living

Hi. My name is Mel-Lynda and I am one of two owners of All Things Organic. We offer amazing quality services and products to customers in all areas of Canada and the U.S. We use our products in our own households and are happy to stand by every products we have available. Our worms are handled  with the highest standards of quality and are fed a 98% certified organic diet made from locally sourced organic green waste. I highly reccomend you take a look at our products in our store and check us out on our social media pages for lots of composting information and fun facts and articles based on nature and green living. 

- Mel-Lynda, Gardener

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